Top three reasons why You should play blackjack

Those people that already play blackjack will have a whole list of reasons as to why they enjoy it and would recommend that others play it. However, if you have not played before then you might want a comprehensive guide as to why you should consider it. This is why these three points have been picked out for you. Hopefully there will be enough information so that you can understand why playing blackjack is something that you should have a go at.

It is a lot of fun

The card game of black jack can be a lot of fun. As each round does not take very long it can be really fast paces. You do not have to wait too long for others to have a go before you have yours as there is not that much decision making to do each round. This means that you quickly get to the end of the round and find out who has won and then move on to the next.

It is easy to play

There are not too many tactics in the game of blackjack. This means that it is easy to play compared to some other card games such as poker. You only have to decide on a few things and then you can progress with your turn. Although you have to look at your opponents and think about what they might be doing and how you can beat them, this does not take too long and so you will find that you can quickly decide what the best move each turn without having to consider complex odds or statistics. The rules are also simple and there are not lots of different versions which means that it is easy to know how to play the game too.

Has a low house edge

It is well known that blackjack has a lower house edge than other card games. House edge is a term that refers to the odds of the house winning. In all games, the odds are in favour of the house as that is how casinos make their money. However with some games they are more likely to win that others and in blackjack their likelihood is smaller which means that the odds of you winning will be higher. The chances of you winning are obviously also influenced by your decisions in each turn as to whether you hit, stand, split or double down. However, with so few decisions to choose form and being able to see the dealer’s cards but hide your own, really helps you to use common sense to make the best decisions. If you use a card counting technique you can do even better but you may find that this make sit too complicated. However you just have to have an idea of how many high and low cards are left in the deck relatively as you know that having high cards increases your chance of getting a blackjack and so if there are more of these left then you can bet more as you are more likely to win.