How to Count Cards!

When you’re playing online, it can be tough to choose what game you want to play. Take bgo casino for instance – they have a great range of slots, live casino games including roulette as well as a few favourites directly taken from the casino floor including everyone’s favourite, Blackjack.

Blackjack is one of those games that is quintessentially casino – all you have to do is get dealt a hand, make a few strategic choices and see where luck takes you. Only, with Blackjack, it’s possible to tip the odds in your favour by employing basic strategy and, if you’re really dedicated to advantage play, getting your head around card counting.

Card counting sounds complicated at first but don’t worry! You don’t need to count every single card that comes out, you just need to keep an eye on the values of everyone’s cards. Basically, what you need to do is ascribe a value to each card as it gets dealt – the Hi-Lo system will generally say you count +1 for every card valued from 2-6 and -1 for every card valued 10-A.

Once everyone has been dealt a hand, you take a look at what everyone has and work out the total value of all the cards that have been dealt. If there’s a lot of low value cards the count will be positive, and if there’s a lot of high value cards the count will be negative. This helps you to plan your next move since, if the count is positive, you have a much better chance of being dealt a high value hand while the dealer will be forced to stand on anything over a 17. The only problem is getting your brain quick enough to keep track and, to help you get started, we have this handy guide to help you get your head around it!