How to win a Blackjack game

The undisputed king of card games, blackjack packs in everything you expect to get at a casino table: action, excitement, high stakes, and unexpected turns. It´s a game of skill and sophistication with very little chance involved – that is, if you play it right. Many of us have dreamt to play online blackjack and get a chance to win the jackpot and online casino blackjack is the best way to go about it. With the varied rules and graphic as well as live-feed game play Web-based gambling houses offer, the possibilities for victory are more than inviting. To make the most of them, you will need a sound strategy and a cool head. Here are few tips on how to win a blackjack game, keep your composure and stay on the winning path!

Eliminate distractions

The major advantage you have when you play casino games online is that you control the environment. Pick the best time and place to start your Internet gambling session and make sure you are free from distractions. That way you can concentrate on the game fully and follow your predefined winning strategy much more closely.


Know your opponent

Regardless of which version of online blackjack you are playing, you always compete against one person only: the dealer. Some casinos might offer you live blackjack where you can even tune in to other players’ webcams. This is merely a distraction which is best avoided. Focus on the two hands that matter: yours and the dealer’s. Familiarise yourself with the specific blackjack rules your casino of choice employs. If need be, keep a separate browser window or tab with the online casino blackjack rule book. Keeping your focus on, consult the rules whenever you are in doubt, so that you always hit your lone opponent with your best shot!

Bonus play

You want to play the king of card games at the king of casinos, right? The best online casino will also offer you the best bonuses. However, online casino bonuses can quickly spin your head, too! With a reputable casino of choice, you are unlikely to be scammed by the “card mafia”, but might well fall into your own mind’s trap. When your bankroll is suddenly beefed up by a generous bonus, you will be much more likely to bet larger sums in hope of greater winnings. This danger grows further if you find yourself on a “winning streak” which is a classic gambler’s fallacy. Set a firm rule of never wagering more than 5% of your current bankroll and stick to it! Continue reading “How to win a Blackjack game”

Brush Up on Your Blackjack Game – Before You Get Crushed!

The holiday season is a great time to play blackjack. Not only do you have time to really focus on the game, but you have more time to make a little money on the side. There’s nothing wrong with knowing that you’re going to make some money online from your sharp blackjack skills. But there may even be a point where you want to introduce new players into the game, to spread a little holiday cheer on your own. If you really have some friends that have never played blackjack before, they are definitely in for a treat. You need to make sure that you give them the right foundation to grow strong in the game.

Essentially, there are just a few essential skills that a newbie would need to really do well in the world of blackjack. The first skill is knowing when to stay and when to hit. Even though this might seem very simplistic, you might be surprised how much basic strategy adds to the game at large. If you don’t have basic strategy down pat, you’ll end up using the wrong move at the wrong time. For example, do you know what you should do if you have a soft 16? If you think that you should stand, you would be very mistaken — you actually need to hit! You’ll find more great tips in this guide:

Blackjack Game

But what if you’re looking for something a little more advanced? That’s where you really need to get into the bigger world of card counting. Yes, you might have seen the subject of card counting come into play when you watch old Vegas-themed movies. The actual trick of card counting isn’t the illegal part — it’s having assistance through technology. You can use your brainpower to count cards all day long. But if you start turning to software to help you keep track, that’s when you’ll get in trouble with the casinos.

Card counting is pretty big in blackjack, as it can really lower the house edge down to a much lower point. The trick here is to make sure that you’re getting the best information for this. This guide explains quite a bit about card counting:

But in a nutshell, card counting is about keeping track of what you’re seeing, as well as what could come up. If you know that you’ve already seen the King of Diamonds, does that mean that you can count that card as being “done”, where it won’t show up again? Not necessarily. If you’re playing with multiple decks, you have to account for more than just one King of Diamonds.

While you’re thinking of good food, friends, and adventure this holiday season, you should definitely think about playing quite a bit of blackjack too!