Quick guide of blackjack games

This guide offers a quick overview of the blackjack games that are most widely played all around the world. It includes a short review of the mechanics of the game plus a short description of the rules variations and how these affect or benefit the players. All of these games can be found on best blackjack online casinos and are available to play online for free or for real money.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack

This is one of the most popular variations of blackjack and the rules of Atlantic Blackjack are actually quite favourable for players. Although the number of decks may vary from casino to casino, it’s usually played using 8 standard decks of cards.

Atlantic City Blackjack is an American Hole Card game that incorporates some of the common rules of traditional blackjack. The dealer must draw to 16 and is forced to Stand on all 17′s (hard and soft). Doubling down is also possible and players can split any hand of pairs. Even doubling after splitting is permitted but there’s no option to re-Split and only one additional card is dealt after splitting Aces.

Insurance is available and it returns the player’s bet at 2:1. Late Surrender is also possible in some cases which gives you half of your stake back and a Blackjack hand pays wagers at 1 1/2:1.

Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack, also referred to as Traditional Blackjack or simply Casino Blackjack is the basis of any blackjack variation.

It’s the most common version of blackjack found at off-line and online casinos around the world and it should be the starting point for any new players looking to play this popular casino card game.

Classic Blackjack is an American Hole game, which means that you don’t get to see one of the dealer’s cards, and it’s most commonly played using 8 decks of cards.

The most common rules of the game include the following. The dealer must draw to 16 and Stand on soft 17′s. Splitting is allowed but often an Ace after splitting will not result in blackjack but rather a 21 points-hand. Insurance pays at 2:1 and Doubling Down is allowed often after Splitting and only on hand values of 9, 10 and 11. Continue reading “Quick guide of blackjack games”

How to Take Part in the Growing Bingo Trend

You may have noticed that in the past bingo tended to get less popular. It was often associated with being a game that older people played and slowly bingo halls closed. However, many younger people are now realising why bingo is so much fun as they join the growing trend of bingo fans. Many people now play online either on a PC or on their mobile device. There are lots of websites that offer bingo games now that it is really easy to take part.

bingo trend

It can be wise to start by playing for free. This way you will know whether you enjoy playing before you pay anything out. The free games tend not to have monetary prizes and are just for fun. This could be exactly what you are looking for, or you could want an opportunity to win some money. If you want to win something, then you will have to pay to play.

There are lots of ways to play bingo out there. There are apps that you can use on your tablet or phone as well as websites that you can play on your PC. You will need to choose which one will be the best for you or maybe you will want to play in both of them. You may be able to find an app that connects with a website so that you can play in either of them with the same account.

Once you start to play, you will begin to understand why bingo is so popular. It is good to try out different apps or sites and then you will be able to start chatting to friends and family about your experiences of playing and how you play. You will be able to find out where they play as well and you could try the same companies as they use.

They may be able to tell you about the best sites or which places have the best bonuses or prizes. It is worth checking these out as some can have really big jackpots or a high odds of winning a prize. You will need to try them out and consider which of them you like the best. It might be that you like certain themes or layouts of sites, you may like the chat facility, the frequency of games or the ease of use. More likely you will look at the odds of winning, the prizes and the jackpots.

A Look at Some Popular Blackjack Variants

Blackjack has been one of the most popular casino games for more than a century. For most of the game’s history the only significant change was a 3-to-2 payout for a natural blackjack. In recent years more variants have been introduced. These variants offer some interesting opportunities and some potentially rewarding side action.

Free Bet Blackjack

blackjack Image Source:  youtube.com


Free Bet Blackjack is a relatively new variant that was first played in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget Casino, and is now making its way into many casinos. Free Bet Blackjack gives the player a free double down bet on all hard nines, tens, and elevens. (Double downs on other hands are played the standard way.) Players also get a free split on all pairs other than tens. If the dealer wins both, the player loses the initial wager only. If the player wins both, the dealer pays two times the original bet.

The only difference in the game play is that a dealer’s 22 is a push. The game is like having a generous uncle at the table with you who covers your bets and lets you keep the winnings. It pays to be more aggressive with splits and double downs than in regular basic strategy. The house edge in Free Bet Blackjack is a little over 1% (about double a normal game). The game also has a different dynamic than most other blackjack games.

Players should look for games that use the most number of decks. This is completely opposite from all other blackjack games.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is one of the most popular variants, especially, as the name suggests, outside the United States. European Blackjack is generally played with a six deck shoe. The dealer hits Soft 17s, and players can double down on any two cards and split any two cards of the same rank or value.

The biggest difference in European blackjack is how the dealer’s hand is played. The dealer does not receive a hole card until all player action is concluded. If a player has doubled down or split on a hand where the dealer’s up card is an Ace or a ten and the dealer hits a blackjack with the second card, only the original wager is forfeited and the split and double down wager is returned. The surrender option is still available unless the dealer is showing an Ace. The house edge for European Blackjack is less than .05%, making it a very player friendly game.  Continue reading “A Look at Some Popular Blackjack Variants”

3 More Slots That Caught Our Attention

What attracts you to a slot game? For some people, it’s the fact that the game has multipliers, because they like the chance to make more money with the same spin, thereby not having to add more from their bankroll. Other people like the stacked wild effect, because it can stop a reel and increase your winnings in a different way. No matter what attracts you to a game, you need a chance to see what appeals to you first hand. Automatenherz.com has plenty of slots for you to try out. We picked three of the ones that randomly caught our attention. Perhaps you’ll find them interesting as well.

1. Invisible Man

invisible man slot

Can you find the Invisible Man? Do you think that you’re up to the challenge? This slot game presents you with 20 paylines, giving you plenty of chances to win. One of the standout features would be the moving wilds, as they can trigger bigger wins as well as set you up for bonus games. The graphics are really crisp and we found ourselves really caught by how brilliant all of the symbols look. This is one that we can see ourselves playing for a long time.

2. Wish Master

Wish Master slot

What’s your deepest wish? The Wish Master slot can’t give you exactly what you want, but it can give you a chance to win money and get a few extras, right? This is a 20 payline slot, just like the Invisible Man.

The big feature to look for is going to be the Wish Master Bonus, which gives you a huge multiplier and a lot of wild symbols entering the board. Don’t miss it!

3. South Park

South Park sslot

Who doesn’t like South Park? We admit that the show is a little over the top sometimes, but it’s all in good fun. South Park is very political, culture, and it highlights the best and worst of American culture. South Park is a 24 payline slot that gives you multipliers, free spins, and low bet requirements. We thought the graphics were pretty in line with the animation from the TV series, so check it out!

Play all of these wonderful games at AutomatenHerz.com. Have a good time!

Feel the excitement of bingo on mobile!

With the progress of science and technology, mobile bingo has come into the picture and ever since then it has been stealing the show. It has brought striking differences in the lives of punters by making bingo accessible on mobile devices an ever easy and entertaining game to go for.

With the advent of such on-the-go access to gaming, bingo is just a touch away! The bingo lovers can share the joy of their victory and fun-filled experiences with their near and dear ones at any place and any time.


Since online bingo has been one of the most sought after games over the internet so the bingo sites should maintain the mobile and technological application up to standard. In this regard, one of the well recognized sites worth mentioning is New Look Bingo. The site has officially gone mobile that provides you with instant connectivity to games of your choice on the move. The mobile optimized New Look Bingo never fails to entertain you no matter where you are. Now boredom can never set upon you be it while you are waiting for a friend in a shopping mall or taking an evening stroll in your garden.

Players can conveniently play the unique variety of bingo and innovative slot games along with humorous chat games on their phone devices. The site makes all these games available right at your finger tips on all the smart phone platforms like Android or Blackberry or iPhone. This surely gives you a wonderful opportunity to shout out your winnings with no complications absolutely.

You can play at newlookbingo.com on your smart phone browser in the similar way as you do on your laptops or desktops. So, go ahead and register at New Look Bingo on your Android today and get £15 absolutely free credited in your account exactly like you receive in the online version. Play more and have a happy mobile gaming experience all the while. Also do not forget to avail the exciting promos and deals offered exclusively by the site!

Free Slots

What Are Free Slot Machines?

Free slots are a great way to have fun and experience the trill of betting and winning online without breaking the bank. You can easily sample the wide variety of free slots online casinos have to offer. Much like classic slot machines, free slots come with an abundance of features and winning symbols. You can pick and choose your free slots based on personal preference and interests.

Some of the most popular free slot machines have three or five reels. Three-reel games typically have one winning line, but five reel-machines offer you more than one opportunity to win. This provides for extra fun, especially if you decide to play the game with friends or family.

Free slots are offered by online casinos primarily for the purpose of attracting new players. Having a wide selection of free games lures in thrill seekers and lets them have fun without the commitment of making a deposit. However, these games can provide equal excitement to existing players as well. Even if you are used to playing for cash, but you want to mix things up and enjoy a different game without the risk of losing money, you can take advantage of the variety of free slot machines.

streak of luck slot

Why Play Free Slots?

The short answer is – to have fun without unnecessary hassle and stress. Free slots are exclusively reserved for virtual casinos. You will not have the opportunity to walk into a casino or a pub and get this experience. Most of these facilities rely on the money you will spend on their slots to cover their administrative and operational costs. Of course, virtual casinos also have to pay operational costs associated with hosting the domain, maintaining their gaming software and ensuring a safe and secure experience. However, these costs are much, much lower than the costs of running an actual casino. Therefore, they can afford to create a free game zone that can help them gain popularity and to create a more entertaining experience for their clients.

Playing for free online is yet another incentive to choose among the many web-based free slots an online casino has to offer. Take advantage of the convenience and the opportunity to have fun.

Is There a Catch With Free Slot Machines?

You should get yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of all the free slot machines before you begin a new game. Some online casinos offer limited-time free spins to test out new games or to reward new members for creating an account. Some free slot machines online require that you download special software before you are able to play.

Whatever the case, the “catch,” if any, is in the fine print, and you should read it carefully before you start betting. Practicing safety before fun is essential. When you play online, mutual trust is crucial, and getting yourself informed before you sign up for any casino is a responsibility assumed solely by you as the player.

Where to play?

Finding the best online casino can be a challenging task these days with hundreds of different operators in the market all looking to have you join their site. With so many casinos online to choose from, it becomes increasingly important to be a diligent player and only seek out the best casino sites to risk your hard earned money by playing. I love playing casino games at Paddy Power because it´s one of the top quality and trusted casino websites with a proven track record of prompt payments and great customer service. You should definitely check it out!

Blackjack in the Movies: Why 21 Spawned a Mobile Gaming Revolution

Blackjack and Hollywood movies seem to go together like hands and gloves. Over the years the game has been used in a variety of blockbusters, including the biopic, 21.

Based on the famous MIT blackjack team, the film charts the group of mathematical geniuses rise from one of the world’s most prestigious universities to live casino floors across the world. Using their affinity for numbers, the team managed to win millions of dollars by utilising card counting techniques at the blackjack tables.

21 Inspires Millions to Chase 21

The popularity of films such as 21 is not only a sign that blackjack is a major part of pop culture, but that they also actually help the game flourish. Over the last five years the number of players playing blackjack has increased dramatically. Thanks to films such as 21, punters have been inspired to go online and visit desktop sites or portable platforms such as 32Red mobile casino to test their mettle.

In fact, this secondary point raises an interesting issue. Thanks to the growth of blackjack and the evolution of smartphone technology, it’s now possible to play a slew of games anytime, anywhere. Today’s blackjack player is less of a live grinder and more of a virtual competitor which suggests that a future remake of 21 would look very different.

Hollywood Exposes the Wonders of Mobile Blackjack

by Bob Owen

Instead of an all-star cast taking on the glitzy casinos of Las Vegas, the modern crew of math experts would all be huddled around their phones on a platform such as 32Red. Would this scene be as appealing to viewers as a battle inside a venue? Probably not, however, there’s no doubt that playing blackjack via your mobile is a much more lucrative proposition for the average player.

Because variants such Atlantic City blackjack, bonus blackjack and European blackjack have betting limits starting from $0.10 and are capable of racing through dozens of hands a minute, there’s a much greater scope for betting the odds via your iPhone or Android. However, when it comes to pure entertainment from a cinematic perspective, there’s no doubting live blackjack’s credentials.

Although it’s likely that mobile blackjack operators such as 32Red, Betfair and Titan would have come into being without films such as 21, there’s no doubt these stories helped push them to greater heights. Indeed, aside from showing audiences that blackjack can be a glamorous game, 21 also highlighted that with some skilful play the informed players can actually have the upper hand against the casino.

The Future of Blackjack Safe Because of Movies

by  isfullofcrap
by isfullofcrap

Movies have the ability to infiltrate the masses like few other mediums can and there’s no doubt that 21 helped expose casual viewers to the wonders of blackjack. From both an entertainment and strategic point of view, 21 enabled audiences to learn about and, subsequently, play blackjack.

Moreover, without the influence of these films, online and mobile blackjack might not be as popular as it is today. Sure, the aficionados would enjoy the game in all its formats, but the casual gamer probably wouldn’t have. Because of this fact it’s clear that blackjack’s recent fortune, moreover its future fortunes, are invariably intertwined with Hollywood’s obsession with the game.

Four big-winning celebrity gamblers

From the outside looking in, it would appear as though celebrities – during an age in which their type are lauded as some form of human deity – are already very much winners at life.

Entire teams of staff are assembled to cater to their every whim – they are dressed, pampered and revered to within an inch of their life.

Good looks, money in the bank and a job that requires you to talk in front of a camera, sing into a microphone or chase around after a ball, some people seemingly have it all.

Even when the spotlight begins to fade slightly, those in the ‘business’ can console themselves in the knowledge that there will always be a place for them eating spiders in the Australian jungle or swearing loudly at fellow has-beens in the Big Brother house.

Life, it would appear, is pretty rosy for the social elite.

Some people, though, want it all, refusing to accept that they have it about as good as it gets and, wouldn’t you just know it, Lady Luck is often on their side then, too.

Here are four celebrities – but a drop in a much larger ocean – who like to win big in all walks of life.

ben affleck casino

Ben Affleck: Oscar-winning, J-Lo-dating, Jennifer Garner-marrying, Affleck is about as A-list as they come. You would think that someone so enveloped by the Hollywood lifestyle would find it difficult to drag himself away from the glitz and glam, with life one big pool party in the Los Angeles hills. Millions of bucks taken from the movie business is not enough for the Gone Girl star, though, as he is known to be partial to the odd casino visit. And who can blame him? Affleck was reportedly barred from the tables of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas after embarking on an eye-watering winning streak. Betting $60,000 per hand at blackjack, he is said to have walked away with $800,000 in winnings – even after tipping the dealers $150,000. Well you would, wouldn’t you!

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher: From the catwalk to the big screen, Demi Moore to Mila Kunis, you get the feeling that Kutcher could tumble head first into a slurry pit and come up smelling of roses. His luck is not restricted to his professional and personal life either, he even manages to score big on the hobby front. A renowned sports fan, one who can often be spotted court side at LA Lakers home games, Kutcher once made $750,000 in a single month as the head of a college football syndicate, placing bets for professionals who knew how to beat the system. He told Esquire Magazine what happened.

50 Cent

50 Cent: It should, perhaps, come as no great surprise to learn that a paid up member of the hip-hop community – one who is named after an American unit of currency – embraces every opportunity he gets to line his pockets. Rappers like the finer things in life, and they don’t come cheap. Money has to be made somewhere, and for Curtis Jackson that quest has taken him to the recording studio, the film set and the bookies. Mr Cent is known for having the odd flutter, and he doesn’t do things by halves when the mood takes him. He landed a cool $1 million in cash after betting on Floyd Mayweather’s super fight with Oscar de la Hoya, while he also banked $500,000 predicting the outcome of an NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants in 2012. He admitted after that success to having ‘followed the voices in his head’. Why don’t the voices in our head offer such useful information?

Teddy Sheringham playing poker

Teddy Sheringham: We may be breaking from the Hollywood trend slightly here, but Teddy Sheringham was once about as showbiz as a professional footballer / soccer player gets. He may not be in the David Beckham/Cristiano Ronaldo bracket, but he is still a figure who transcends the sport that made him famous. For a long time the former England international was more accustomed to being the subject of wagers, with punters on exchanges such as those at betfair placing their trust and hard-earned cash on him doing the business on the field for the likes of Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United in the English Premier League. Nowadays, while back in the game as manager of Stevenage, Sheringham has been known to dabble in the profitable world of poker. He has won close to £250,000 in live tournament events, has competed in two World Series of Poker and once collected €93,121 from a single contest in Vilamoura. Not a bad day’s work!

Blackjack – Best game to accompany slots at Karamba Casino

If you’re familiar with one of Europes best online casinos for slots players, you’ll know all about Karamba Casino. In its own class and possibly boasting one of the most premium designed platforms in the gaming industry, Karamba.com is amongst the top line of the NetEnt online slot delivery systems. Using the power of NetEnt and coupling quality gameplay with extremely generous bonuses, Karamba has forged a reputable history with its slots players with extensive free spins and new game promotions. But what about other games? In fact, it appears that another classic casino game is proving the perfect accompany to slots player preference, and that’s Blackjack.

Depending on the brand of online casino you choose to play table games, it’s always been tricky to pull of online blackjack, thereby using simulation to demonstrate dealership, but games builders are getting better. The blackjack at Karamba Casino, for instance, is amongst the best in the classic blackjack class, with players able to bet safely on securely in this perfectly suited environment. There’s a nice sound score that resembles a piano bar; the card movements are swift, and the betting controls are dynamic. It’s almost relaxing, cool and well calculated. So why is online blackjack the perfect accompany to playing slots?

karamba slots

According to a recent player-game survey, the fast-paced action that comes with playing online slots needs counteracting with a slower and more refined gaming process. It’s almost the yin and yang of the casino with one game being erratic and highly engaging, whereas the other is more calm and calculated. It’s also to do with player input; slots require betting measurements on a greater scale but will fewer decisions whereas online blackjack is quite the opposite. Blackjack cools players down after the heat that comes with rolling the big progressives and high variance games that are slots, the perfect accompany. So if you play slots at Karamba Casino, you may want to hit the card decks just afterwards to help calm down those spinning finger tips.

Online Blackjack – Comparing the Different Software Platforms

Blackjack is one of the all time favorite casino classics. The table game is very popular in land based casinos so no wonder why it moved online soon after the launch of the first online casinos. Due to its popularity, casino software providers have so far created many variations of the game and blackjack fans enjoy them regularly on the web.

Each online casino software platform offers different versions of online blackjack with different rules for each variant. There are players that prefer to play at software specific online casinos because they like the game’s performance such as its features, interface or blackjack variety as compared to other software platforms. Players in South Africa for example, prefer paying SA friendly blackjack games from providers that cater to their needs. With this in mind, let’s consider online blackjack by comparing the software providers that develop and create this popular casino game.

Microgaming Blackjack

Microgaming is a pioneer online casino software platform currently powering many trusted and respected casinos on the Internet. It offers the largest blackjack collection online comprised of over 40 blackjack variations. This table game from Microgaming features advanced player options such as single and multi hand options, live dealer blackjack variations including a Gold game option with enhanced graphics, excellent animation and faster game play. Microgaming also has a creative blackjack portfolio which is quite unique and it is one of the world class developers regarding casino game innovation.

Playtech Blackjack

Playtech is another popular and trusted online casino software supplier and its platform features some unique blackjack variations. For example, there’s Blackjack Switch, a blackjack game that allows players to switch the second dealt card to each hand. Playtech’s live dealer blackjack games are also exceptional and enable players to chat with a human dealer at a real blackjack table. The performance of the games is fast and impressive and the game play is very smooth. No wonder why statistics reveal that from hundreds of blackjack fans over 50% love Playtech and enjoy playing its blackjack games.


NetEnt Blackjack

NetEnt is also premium software platform offering excellent blackjack games for real money. NetEnt blackjack variants are preferred option for a couple of reasons including their smooth and fast performance. These games have innovative interface which is rich of features. The blackjack menu is decent and comprised of Classic Blackjack, Blackjack Pro, Double Exposure Blackjack and Single Deck Blackjack. This table game from NetEnt also offers fast game play options which is very important for players who want to make money paying it. In addition, there are also a number of casinos that offer mobile blackjack options from this platform.

play blackjack