Microgaming Online Blackjack

Microgaming have long been established as the industry leading designers of a huge variety of online casino games, with their expertise having secured dozens of awards for their consistently high quality products. Many of their accolades have been for branded games such as movie tie-ins and sporting events, yet their qualities have been used just as effectively in presenting firm casino favorites such as roulette, poker and blackjack to the highest possible quality. Here we’ll take a look through the range of Microgaming online blackjack games as an example of the vast variety of styles available to players across many of the best operators in the business.

Online Blackjack

Playing Blackjack Online

Blackjack is often the most popular online casino game as it combines the speed of roulette with an added edge of decision making on the part of the player, who ultimately is responsible for deciding when to stick, twist or double down. Unlike roulette which largely takes fate out of the players hand, Blackjack is for this reason far more participatory – and as such places particular demands on the quality of the game presentation to make the game ‘work’ online.

Casino Blackjack is based upon speed – it’s a fast game that’s a real test of intuition as well as mental arithmetic and odds calculation – and for it to be emulated online it needs sharp graphics, immediate responsiveness and above all zero lag! There’s nothing more likely to infuriate a player participating in a few hands of online Blackjack than the game to stutter and jump as the cards are being drawn, and for this reason it’s essential that the design – even for such a basic game – is second to none.

Why Microgaming Blackjack Is The Best In The Business

Microgaming have been around since the early 1990’s, quite literally pioneering the development of online casino gaming, and have subsequently developed extensive experience in developing their games and streamlining the quality of their performance. As such they are supremely reliable compared to rival game developers, with the fastest and smoothest loading and processing times to be found anywhere. In regards to Blackjack this is absolutely crucial – and as such is the main reason why so many of the biggest and best casino operators have worked so closely with Microgaming for so long.

The good news for players is that Microgaming not just understand how to program and present their Blackjack, but also they realize that their customers will want variety too. To date the company have developed over forty different versions of Blackjack which have in turn been procured by their clients, and their relationship with the mighty Royal Vegas Casino provides a great example of this.

Royal Vegas Casino offer a wide variety of different versions of Blackjack, playable on both their principle web site as well as their online based platforms (Microgaming have extensive experience developing their range with Android and iOS too). These range from classic all the way through to European, multi-hand, pontoon, Vegas, Atlantic City and a swathe of other options too. Best of all these versions – many of which will likely be new to most players – can all be enjoyed as free-play, allowing risk free practice sessions to understand the rules and permutations before even needing to place a stake or deposit.

The Microgaming experience is adaptable by the casinos to fit into their own particular profiles, so user experience will likely vary slightly between many sites. It’s always best to look out for operators such as Royal Vegas Casino who offer the ‘Gold’ versions of the Microgaming Blackjack games, as these have been enhanced for even greater speed and build quality that allows for seamless play with untouchable quality.