How fair are those wheels?

Online roulette – falling into the pattern of behavior toward many online casino games – has come under scrutiny for the reliability of its random generator. Or more to the point, how random it really is. Online blackjack, poker and any other game you can think of that lives in the virtual world faces the same accusations from players on the losing end of the computer screen on a daily basis. But what about the actual wheel? Still the fairest of them all?

Someone asked the question recently whether you could find an honest wheel in Vegas, and I had to answer yes. Do I know for a fact? No more than I know if they’re still hammering people’s fingers for cheating at poker. But I’m using common sense when offering an answer to this. Keeping in mind, I’m narrowing my answer to bigger, reputable casinos and online casinos.


And that’s my point – reputable. We’re talking about a game that squarely (or roundly – heh) puts the advantage in the casino’s favor on every spin when they do just sit back and let physics do its thing. Why would any of these places need to risk their reputation and much more to “rig” a wheel every now and then? To me, it makes no sense. And like players do in every game, when you assess the risk/return of that, it doesn’t add up.

You’re talking about a game that for every big winner, there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of small losers. No casino that enjoys those favorable odds is going to run the risk of having its license revoked to make a slightly higher percentage. So, rest assured, it has more to do with self-preservation than actually running a square game for the players (this is a money-making business after all), but the bottom line is the same – the game is legit.

I also heard, in the same breath of the original question, the statement of “what good is it to have the holy grail (of betting systems) when the table isn’t fair?” Ah, back to the silver bullet of roulette strategy – the fool-proof gambling system. Well, I’ll tell you what. When someone finally comes up with that, then I guarantee you won’t have to worry about a crooked wheel because the game will simply cease to exist.

But we all know you don’t have to worry about that.