How to find a good Blackjack casino site

Some people are a bit skeptical in playing games such as blackjack over the Internet. While a small segment of the blackjack playing population is somewhat hesitant in playing online, the main reason for their hesitation is that they are unaware as to how to find a good blackjack casino site. Once players are educated on how exactly to select a good casino site at which to play blackjack, they find that playing blackjack at an online casino is just as profitable as and even easier than playing blackjack live.

The first step in finding a good blackjack casino site is to rely on an experienced, well-established and trusted online casino website such as A blackjack site such as this provides impartial reviews on blackjack casino websites, so that you gain a better understanding of which blackjack casino sites are worthy of trust, time, and most importantly – your money. recommends casinos based on a variety of categories, such as the blackjack casino site that has the best US facing online casino software, which they have identified as Rushmore Casino, as well as the best online US blackjack room which they singled out Win Palace Casino as the best US blackjack casino site.

This brings us to the next step in choosing an ideal blackjack casino site. Players want to look for blackjack sites that are not only reliable and recommended, but also those sites that accept them as a player. It makes little sense to attempt to register at a blackjack site that is unable to accept you as a player due to where you live, as this is a waste of time. can help you determine which casinos you can sign up and play at.

Speaking of signing up to play at a casino blackjack website, online casinos offer some really sweet blackjack bonuses for players registering as a player and depositing to play blackjack. Many of the blackjack bonus offers are quite substantial. Because there is lots of bonus money on the line, you want to be aware of the latest and biggest bonus offers for online blackjack that are available. assists in identifying the big blackjack bonuses and the latest special promotions available to players at good blackjack casino sites. From the huge $7,777 blackjack bonus offered by Cherry Red Casino to the $5K WinPalace blackjack bonus – you will be kept up to date with the latest and greatest online blackjack casino site bonus offers that are sure to give a huge boost to your blackjack funds.

By using a trusted resource such as to help you find a suitable site to play blackjack online, players will find it is quite easy to find a good blackjack casino site to play at.

Blackjack Tournament

The blackjack tournament is increasing in popularity at casinos that feature blackjack games online. An online blackjack tournament is far easier to administer than a live tournament is and whether the tournament is live or online, players really enjoy the challenge and excitement of blackjack tournament play.

When playing a blackjack tournament, all players start with the same amount of money. The object of most blackjack tournaments is to end up with the most chips at the end of the tournament. This implies that in blackjack tournaments, players now must concern themselves with how other blackjack players are playing, as well as how they are doing. In essence, the blackjack tournament retains the characteristics of the traditional blackjack game in that the player still competes against the dealer, and it also causes players to compete against one another in terms of overall chip count. In non-tournament settings, blackjack players need not be concerned with how one another are doing.

In order to adjust for blackjack tournament play, players need to adjust their bets based on how they are doing and what their opposition is betting. If a blackjack tournament player is in the lead, he cannot always sit back and bet minimally, as other players may be permitted to catch up. Alternatively, a player who is trailing late in the tournament must step up his bets and even double down in marginal situations in order to catch the leader. Thus, in blackjack tournaments, players need to do everything they can to remain on top or catch the leader.

Understanding The Rules of Blackjack

Truly understanding the rules of blackjack will greatly improve your returns at the online blackjack table. In fact, whether you prefer to play live blackjack or you would rather play blackjack online, you will benefit greatly as a player if you understand how the rules of blackjack play impact your decision-making at the table.

People refer to the game of blackjack as 21. Some people interpret this to mean that the object of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible. However, this is not always the case. Blackjack players are free to act as they see fit in terms of determining whether they want to take a hit, stand, or double down. Dealers, on the other hand, are bound by very specific rules.

The rules governing the dealer’s is spelled out and set in advance. When a player understands how a dealer must act, he can adjust his play accordingly. For example, if the blackjack shoe is rich in high cards and a dealer’s up card suggests he will have to hit (based on the rules of blackjack governing the dealer‘s play), then it stands to reason that the player should elect to stand in many marginal situations. The reason a player should stand is that the dealer will likely draw a high card that will cause him to bust or exceed 21. The dealer does not have the choice of taking the card. Instead, the dealer will be required to hit, since he must hit any hand valued at seventeen or under at most blackjack tables.

Blackjack Strategy

Are you making a follow-up of the technicalities of Blackjack in order to make it to the top scoring list? Blackjack Strategy on tells you more about the topic than most other sites. Read on to know all about the game.

One of the most common Blackjack Strategies regarding topping the game is to possess a hand value that is nearer to 21 than the dealer, without going over 21 (going bust, as it is known in Blackjack parlance). If the dealer too goes bust, the game will go in the dealer’s favor. This particular Blackjack Strategy is based on mathematics and has also been tested through computer simulations. This basic strategy may work to reduce the House Edge (The percent advantage the casino bears over the player on a special bet) to a minimum. This percentage is usually about half percent. Although there might be other players with you, you as an individual player are not playing against them. Remember, you’re playing only against the dealer.

You start off by a player placing their bet. The dealer deals the player and themselves 2 cards. The players’ cards are generally given with the face up. The dealer has a single card face up, referred to as “The Up Card” and another card face down, called “The Hole Card.” There are a fixed number of possible hands versus a limited number of prospective dealer Up Cards. Hence, you can memorize the basic strategy to a certain extent.

Blackjack is a game that can be played with decks of one to 8 regular cards. You can score the cards 2 through 10 absolutely at their face value. The cards which are valued at 10 points consist of the face cards, queens, jacks and kings. The aces have the benefit of being the wild card with a face value of either 1 or 11 points. If you have a 10 point card with an Ace card, it is called a Blackjack. The rules of the game vary from casino to casino. While some may allow you to Double Down after Splitting (doubling the initial bet and taking only a single card more. This is usually allowed after the first 2 cards are dealt), other casinos allow it after a split (doubling your bet and splitting your 2 matching cards to make two new hands). Further, there are other casinos that don’t make room for any kind of benefits.

Card Counting

Card counting is a method of tracking and scoring the cards that have been visible to the card-counting player. In order to count cards, you have to have quick eyes, a sharp mind, and a sense of order so that you can both count cards and use the information you have to assist you in your blackjack play.

Various methods of card counting are effectively used in blackjack play. Understanding how these methods of card counting work are imperative to the effectiveness of counting the cards. The following are the more common methods of blackjack card counting:

Hi-lo Card Counting – In the blackjack hi-lo card counting method, we track the high and low cards that remain in the blackjack shoe. Cards ranging between two and six are assigned a value of one, while face cards, tens, and aces are given a value of negative one. Cards with values of seven, eight, or nine are considered neutral cards and thus have a value of zero. Theoretically, as the hi-lo count climbs, the shoe becomes more likely to contain high cards. Likewise, the lower the hi-lo count, the more likely the shoe is rich in low cards. Players can use this keen insight to determine whether a marginal hit is worth taking.

KO – The KO system of blackjack card counting is similar to the hi-lo method. However, in the KO count, only eights and nines are given a neutral bias. Tens, face cards, and aces receive a minus one score, while twos through sevens are assigned a positive one count. Again, players can expect the likelihood of a high card from the shoe as the count grows higher, while expecting lower cards as the count goes lower.

Plus-minus – The plus-minus system of blackjack card counting discounts the value of the deuce in the blackjack deck. Thus – twos, eights and nines are assigned a neutral score. Cards ranging in value between three and seven get a plus one, while only tens and aces receive a negative one score under the plus-minus blackjack card counting system.

Types of Blackjack

While nearly everyone knows of the original game of blackjack, which is sometimes referred to as 21, there are several different types of blackjack games. The types of blackjack games are all similar in nature in that they are based on the game of blackjack. However, they have enough different rules to constitute being referred to as their own special and unique game.

Most normal types of blackjack games are played with either six or eight decks in the casino, although the game of blackjack can be played with anywhere from one to eight decks (of 52 cards) in the blackjack shoe at one time. Spanish 21, which is a type of blackjack game that also uses six or eight decks, uses a 48-card deck instead of a 52-card deck. In the Spanish 21 type of blackjack game, the tens are removed from the deck, thus there are 48 cards in the deck instead of 52.

Super Fun 21 is a type of blackjack game that is often found in the casinos of Las Vegas and can also be played online. This type of blackjack game uses either 1, 2, or 6 decks that are standard in size. In types of blackjack games that follow the rules of Super Fun 21, players are allowed to enact the surrender clause after doubling down. This rule is similar to the Double Down Rescue rule that found in the Spanish 21 blackjack game.

As you can see from the few examples above, there are many different types of blackjack games that one can play and enjoy. Next time you become bored or run bad playing normal blackjack, give one of the different types of blackjack games a shot and see if it changes your luck!

Brush Up on Your Blackjack Game – Before You Get Crushed!

The holiday season is a great time to play blackjack. Not only do you have time to really focus on the game, but you have more time to make a little money on the side. There’s nothing wrong with knowing that you’re going to make some money online from your sharp blackjack skills. But there may even be a point where you want to introduce new players into the game, to spread a little holiday cheer on your own. If you really have some friends that have never played blackjack before, they are definitely in for a treat. You need to make sure that you give them the right foundation to grow strong in the game.

Essentially, there are just a few essential skills that a newbie would need to really do well in the world of blackjack. The first skill is knowing when to stay and when to hit. Even though this might seem very simplistic, you might be surprised how much basic strategy adds to the game at large. If you don’t have basic strategy down pat, you’ll end up using the wrong move at the wrong time. For example, do you know what you should do if you have a soft 16? If you think that you should stand, you would be very mistaken — you actually need to hit! You’ll find more great tips in this guide:

Blackjack Game

But what if you’re looking for something a little more advanced? That’s where you really need to get into the bigger world of card counting. Yes, you might have seen the subject of card counting come into play when you watch old Vegas-themed movies. The actual trick of card counting isn’t the illegal part — it’s having assistance through technology. You can use your brainpower to count cards all day long. But if you start turning to software to help you keep track, that’s when you’ll get in trouble with the casinos.

Card counting is pretty big in blackjack, as it can really lower the house edge down to a much lower point. The trick here is to make sure that you’re getting the best information for this. This guide explains quite a bit about card counting:

But in a nutshell, card counting is about keeping track of what you’re seeing, as well as what could come up. If you know that you’ve already seen the King of Diamonds, does that mean that you can count that card as being “done”, where it won’t show up again? Not necessarily. If you’re playing with multiple decks, you have to account for more than just one King of Diamonds.

While you’re thinking of good food, friends, and adventure this holiday season, you should definitely think about playing quite a bit of blackjack too!

3 Great Benefits of Playing Live Blackjack

Do you enjoy playing blackjack at online casinos? It is certainly one of the more popular card games in any casino, and its fast pace as well as easy-to-understand rules are part of what makes it so appealing. No matter what it is that actually draws you to blackjack however, it is a safe bet that if you enjoy playing blackjack – you’ll probably get a kick out of live blackjack.

Essentially live blackjack is the next big thing that has started to be implemented at quite a few online casinos. It will allow you to play blackjack in real time with a dealer using a webcam. Ever since live blackjack was first introduced it has been a hit, as players have started to realize the benefits that come with playing it:

Feel the atmosphere of an actual casino

In many ways, live blackjack will provide you with the closest thing to the atmosphere of an actual casino. Not only will there be a real person dealing the cards, but in the background you’ll also hear the sounds that you’d expect to hear in a casino – such as cards being shuffled, dice being rolled, and so on.

That atmosphere can add to the excitement when you’re playing live blackjack – especially if you enjoy playing at brick and mortar casinos.

live casino games

Socialize with the dealer and other players

Another big part of the appeal of live blackjack is the social angle. Conventionally online casinos aren’t a very social environment, but on the live blackjack tables the experience is very different. Not only will you be able to talk and socialize with the dealer (within limits) but you can also talk to other players too.

That social element can make playing blackjack much more entertaining and in no time you’ll probably be hooked on the fact that you can strike up a conversation with the dealer.

Watch and learn from other players

When you play blackjack at an online casino normally, you can’t see what other players are doing. That isn’t the case with live blackjack however, and you’ll be able to watch and learn from what other players are doing and how they’re playing.

Assuming you’re new to blackjack or not really sure about its strategy, you may even pick up some pointers on how to improve your approach.

As you can see, the benefits of playing live blackjack will make it much more fun and entertaining. If nothing else it can help to break the relative monotony that can set in after simply playing against a computerized dealer for some time.

Make no mistake, alongside live blackjack there are numerous other online casino live games that are just as interesting. In particular you may want to look into live versions of baccarat or roulette if that’s your poison. Some casinos even have live tables offering up variants of poker too – so be sure to look around for the game you feel you’d enjoy most.

Paddy Power’s hand gestures graphic may get you in the mood for a trip down to the casino this weekend:

Casino Hand Gestures